Debut Solo Album The Path Out NOW!

I started recording sessions for the album in the Summer of 2018 with Liam Caffrey and Eamon Brady, armed with a few acoustic guitars and a small batch of songs. Thankfully I have ended up with a recording of 10 songs which I'm very proud of.  

As a musician I have generally worked in the background on other people's albums and recordings as well as the wonderful collaborations that I've enjoyed as a live gigging musician.  

During quieter times in the last few years the mind began to wander. Thoughts became dreams. Dreams became songs. Songs were shared at sessions and the seeds were sown for what would eventually become this album.  

I feel lucky to live in the West Of Ireland and be surrounded by creative and sensitive musicians.  

There are wonderful contributions from as follows:  

Noelie McDonnell, Nicola Joyce and Noriana Kennedy of the The Whileaways.  

Matthew Berrill on Clarinet, flute and Saxophone  

Will Merrigan on Double Bass  

Fergal Scahill on Fiddle  

Tom Portman on dobro  

Gerry Paul on Electric guitar  

Shane O'Donovan on drums  

Pauline Scanlon on vocals